IT-Law and Data Security

We offer extensive advice on any IT law matters for the strategic aims of our clients. We accompany the development and implementation of new IT systems and complex IT projects. We provide legally certain, individual and economical solutions. Privacy protection and data security are becoming increasingly important in our age of unlimited data collection possibilities. Our experienced lawyers will assess whether privacy protection concepts meet legal requirements and will develop new and pragmatic approaches.

IT-Law and Data Security

We do not only show risks, we also provide pragmatic solutions.

Dr. André Schmidt, Head of the Practice Group

Our Services

IT Contract Law

  • Complex outsourcing agreements
  • Cloud computing regulations
  • Software purchases, sale and licensing
  • IT project agreements (ERP system introductions, etc.)
  • Joint development of marketing strategies
  • Organization of software distribution (ASP, SaaS, etc.)
  • Maintenance and administration agreements
  • Escrow agreements
  • IT litigation
  • Group license agreements (SAP, Microsoft, etc.)

Internet Law, E- and M-Commerce

  • Internet portal and online shop assessment
  • Domain disputes
  • IT-specific offenses

IT Procurement Law

  • IT procurement peculiarities (e.g., software acquisition, hardware, maintenance and other services)
  • Consultation on procurement strategies and conception
  • Optimal process organization and support
  • Procurement law compliant service descriptions
  • Legally certain preparation of IT contract documents
  • Supplementary IT Contractual Terms and Conditions, IT framework agreements
  • Representation before the German Public Procurement Tribunal and during complaints procedures / before civil courts

Privacy Protection and Data Security

  • Privacy protection compliance
  • Client data treatment
  • Employee data protection
  • Social media
  • Health data protection
  • Group data protection
  • Order data processing
  • Privacy policies
  • Data security concepts
  • Big data applications / SaaS
  • Scoring and credit assessments
  • International data transfers
  • Privacy protection audits


Dr. André Schmidt
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