Intellectual Property Law

The success of many businesses is based on their intellectual property (IP). We preserve such valuable corporate assets by registering industrial property rights and assist in defending them against infringement by third parties. We design, draft and negotiate cooperation, licensing and technology transfer agreements, and will advise and support you in any transactions relating to IP. We will also advise you on all matters relating to competition law, and will employ our extensive litigation experience to represent you in the assertion of your rights.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is often the core value of a business. Protection and developing it strategically is a top priority and requires the professional support, which is offered by us.

Carsten Huch-Hallwachs, Head of the Practice Group

Our Services

  • Consultation on and defense against any antitrust law matters and disputes
  • Assessment of your Internet and advertising presence and that of your competitors
  • Registration and defense of trademarks in Germany and across the world
  • Registration of other special property rights (patents, registered designs and utility models)
  • Employee invention law
  • Registration and defense of domain names
  • Cooperation and technology transfer agreements
  • Research and development contracts
  • Protection of other knowhow and industrial and commercial secrets
  • Copyright, including software protection, licensing and usage agreements
  • IP due diligence, including clarification of antitrust law matters
  • Temporary legal protection and proceedings before civil courts and the German Federal Patent Court


Carsten Huch-Hallwachs
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