Compliance is a new, broadly structured approach to legal requirements for companies and their employees. From the perspective of management, compliance is an indispensible part of diligent company management. Depending on the industry, focus and type of company, specific requirements must be met and systems designed so that needed freedoms of corporate action will be maintained while minimizing risks that threaten the company's existence. LUTZ | ABEL offers extensive advice on any compliance matters.


Protection against liability for companies and entrepreneurs as well as a real advantage in competition.

Dr. Kilian K. Eßwein, Head of the Practice Group


von Dr. Kilian Eßwein

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Our Services

Prevention of Compliance Risks

  • Advising companies, boards, managers and compliance officers on organizational and compliance duties
  • Identifying company-specific compliance risks
  • Implementing custom-fit compliance management systems
  • Optimizing existing compliance management systems
  • Establishing notice systems ("whistleblower systems," ombudsman)
  • Business partner due diligences
  • Optimizing risk management, especially by preparing contract clauses on business partner compliance
  • Employee and manager training
  • Guidelines on correct behavior during crises

Clarification of Compliance Events

  • Advising and supporting companies and entrepreneurs during crises, especially through coordination with commercial investigative firms, crisis PR advisors, auditors, etc.
  • If required, cooperation with criminal law experts
  • Assessment of potential misconduct, especially during the implementation of compliance due diligence
  • Coordinating clarifications with the board and, if necessary, with the authorities
  • Amnesty programs and leniency regulations

Consultation and Representation during Liability Situations

  • Consultation on sanctioning compliance violations
  • Assertion of and defense against claims related to compliance violations
  • Representation of companies and managers during D&O liability proceedings


Dr. Kilian K. Eßwein
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